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Chairside Digital Dental Caps/Crowns veneers in a day/one day Lab Assistant:
  1. Digital impressions (chairside) by Sirona Scanner which is highly accurate, quick and very comfortable to the patient. (First in UP)
  2. Caps Designed and fabricated by your dentist himself with high level accuracy in his chairside CAD CAM Machine. (first in UP)
  3. Can be delivered in single visit for bus patients with complete satisfaction.
  4. All quality control I your dentist hand with future services as fabricated by himself.
  5. Same visit cosmetic improvement of your bad smile is possible by beautiful crown veneers. Come in the morning and step out from clinic in few hours with beautiful and confident smile.
  1. Impression by material which are cheap in accurate and causing lots of problem to the patient like vomiting, biting, breath illness.
  2. Made by unprofessional lab assistants mostly on stone models sent b dentist which are not so accurate and causes problems like in accurate filling, food impaction, ugly design, bed smell cosine in other teeth, hot and cold sensation, cap breakage and dislodgement.
  3. Need multiple visits and not so accurate.
  4. Quality control is not in dentist hand and he is depend on lab for any future problem or replacement of caps.
  5. Never been possible with labs.

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