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Normally the Crowns/Caps are Placed Over the Fractured, Discolored, and Root Canal Treated Teeth but in today�s world of advanced cosmetic dentistry the caps are frequently using to improve smile of the patients


Bridges are used to replace the missing tooth by reducing the adjacent firm and healthy teeth and placing caps over them which support the missing tooth pontic.


Treatment planning � prior to begin the treatment we do the Wax mock-up in the laboratory to determine the final shape of the crowns/caps and bridges



1. Metal Crowns/ bridges: Made Of Cobalt Chrome / Nickel Chrome Alloys , Strong And Economic Can Be Used For  back back (posterior) Teeth.


2. Metal Ceramic/porcelain fused to metal Crowns/bridges: A Layer Of Porcelain (ceramic) Is Fused Over The Metal coping, That Looks Like Adjacent Natural Teeth And as Strong As Metal Caps Can Be Used For Front (anterior) as Well Back (posterior) Teeth.

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3. Metal Free (all Ceramic) crowns/ bridges: These Are Most Advance Crowns Which Are fabricated Exclusively in The Ceramic only without using metal copings. We use all internationally established brands in all ceramic crown/ bridge prosthesis like-


1. Procera
2. Lava
3. Cercon
4. Empress- 2/ E- max
5. Zircon
6. Inceram



1. Being all ceramic perfectly match with adjacent natural teeth in all shads of light that is there is no blackish Hue on gingival margin in florescent light like metal ceramic caps because these caps do not cut the light passing Through the cap like natural teeth.

2. As strong as metal/metal ceramic caps that is can be used for anterior as well as posterior teeth in the form of Crowns and bridges.

3. Light weighted when compared to the metal /metal ceramic crowns.

4. Less crown preparation (reduction) is required compare to metal/metal ceramic caps.

Click for the example cases