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Dental Xray (Digital)
We have digital (RVG- Setlec- France) Iopa x- ray facility. It shows the excellent quality of the bone, teeth and lesions.The best part of this x- ray is we feel very comfortable to shoot immediate and multiple x rays during the root canal, implant insertion and prosthetic procedures so that we can do the imaging oriented accurate procedures without doing any mistake.

Opg x- ray (digital)
We have digital opg centre where the opg x ray is done just in 10 minutes of time and this x � ray gives complete view of all the teeth, jaw bone and the dental problems of the patients.


Dental CT (DentaScan)
We feel pride to be only one to have this facility in our city. We just get the dental ct of the patient done in just 10 minutes and load the files in our special 3d implant planning software and just plain all the treatment in front of the patient by discussing all of his problems and the possible treatments possibilities. Our patients appreciate this thing the most as they see all three dimensionally what the problems they have and what we are suggesting them to treat their problems.