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Tourist Places
:: Agra


Taj Mahal was constructed by the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jehan. It is said he built this monument in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaj Mahal. The Taj Mahal is ethereal at any part of the day - blushing in the rosy glow of dawn or sunset , appearing like a pearly mirage in the moonlight or reflected in the pools of the garden. Perhaps the most moving view of the Taj is from an octagonal tower in the Agra Fort further along the river Yamuna.

:: Mathura

The birth of lord Krishna (1500 BC) gave the city its sanctity. In ancient times, it was a cultural centre of much renowned fame and received great stimulus under Ashoka, in the spheres of sculpture and architecture. Later, Kanishka made it the capital of his eastern empire and the city became an important centre of trade, learning, arts and culture.

:: Vrindavan

Mathura and Vrindavan are still alive with the Krishna legend, and still sway in fascination to the tune of his flute. Mathura, otherwise a dusty hamlet on the bank of the river Yamuna, was transformed into a place of light after Krishna was born here. And Vrindavan stands apart in Indian mythology as the place where Krishna spent most of his childhood, serenading his gopis one moment, and slaying demons the next.

:: Bharatpur

when he captured the fort of Bharatpur from Khemkaran, the rival chief, whom he killed and thus laid the foundation of Bharatpur City.